20 Years and you still don’t know me

Here we are people!

2015 has come and it’s 20 years for The Peawees!
It was January 1995 when we got into the practice room for the first time. We were young, we were dreamers, and music was a good way to escape reality. Today we’re less young, still dreamers, and music is still the good way to face up to the day. Rock ’n’ Roll saved our souls. Rock ’n’ Roll gave us a home. Rock ’n’ Roll is our family.

It’s not easy to list all the people we’ve met in 20 years but you know who you are, we’re sure.

So, thank YOU for being part of it in some way or another!

To celebrate our birthday we decided to release a DOUBLE LP + CD with a selection of 30 songs, called “20 YEARS AND YOU STILL DON’T KNOW ME”. All songs have been remastered by Justin Perkins. Some alternative mixes included.

It will be published by Wild Honey Records and Slowbeat Records on the 18th of March. We will do a tour all around Europe. Billig People Booking (Europe) and Corner Soul (Italy) are taking care of the dates, and we’re planning to tour US in the summer.

To celebrate our birthday we’re gonna do a BIG party in La Spezia on the 4th of April at Auditorium Dialma Ruggiero. Ex members of The Peawees will join the band and there’s gonna be a Wild After Party at Shake Club where some of our good old friends will join us on stage.

Join the party and feed your soul!

The Peawees Family
Hervé, Lalo, Livio, Carlo, Pulcio, Michele, Tommy, Fabio, Stefano, Jacopo