release date:

April 28, 2017



  • The MANGES side:
  • 1.By My Side (The Peawees)
  • 2.Tomorrow I'll be done (The Peawees)
  • The PEAWEES side:
  • 1. In My Head (The Manges)
  • 2. Serenity Now (The Manges)

The Manges and The Peawees both started in La Spezia in the mid-90, in a raw and young punk rock environment. The two bands shared musicians, gigs, booze and many years of rocknroll nights at the unfamous Skaletta Rock Club. More than 20 years later they both grew a cult status of their own: the Manges are Italy's first and beloved "Ramonescore" punkrockers, while the Peawees explored beyond punk with r'n'b, soul, and original rock n roll sounds while maintaining their punk rock core. Two different ways of sticking to the same roots! To celebrate their friendship, they finally released a special split: each band cover two songs originally written and performed by the other one! Hear the Manges deconstructing two Peawees hits, why the latter bring unexpected flavours to a couple of Manges tunes. Cover art by Manuel Cossu, and graphic design by Hervè Peroncini!