WALKING THE WALK (Reissue 2020) LP (Wild Honey Records) – CD (Rum Bar Records)
DEAD END CITY (Reissue 2019) White Vinyl (LP) Stardumb Records (The Netherlands) – CD (Rum Bar Records)
MOVING TARGET (LP) 2018 Wild Honey Records (Italy) – (CD) 2018 Rum Bar Records (USA)
DEAD END CITY (Reissue 2017) Gold Vinyl (LP) Stardumb Records (The Netherlands)
LEAVE IT BEHIND (Reissue 2015) Red Vinyl – Wild Honey Records (Italy)
20 YEARS AND YOU STILL DON’T KNOW ME (double LP + CD) 2015 Wild Honey & Slowbeat Records (Italy)
LEAVE IT BEHIND (CD) 2011 Railways Recordings Licensed by Wild Honey Records (Italy)
LEAVE IT BEHIND (LP) 2011 Wild Honey Records (Italy)
WALKING THE WALK (LP) 2007 Radiation Records (Italy), It’s Alive (USA) – (CD) 2007 Wynona Records (Italy)
DEAD END CITY (CD)  2003 Italian version on Ammonia Records (Italy)
DEAD END CITY (LP) 2002 (Orange Vinyl) Stardumb Records (The Netherlands)
DEAD END CITY 2001 (CD)  Stardumb Records (The Netherlands)
THIS IS ROCK ‘N’ ROLL (CD) 1998 Motherbox Records (USA) – (LP) Fridge Records (Italy)
WHERE PEOPLE SMILE 1995 Panic Records / Helter Skelter  (LP) (Italy)


WALKING THROUGH MY HELL 2018 Wild Honey Records
STRANGER 2018 Wild Honey Records
THE PEAWEES and MARK ARM 2017 “Not Enough” Charity Project on Wild Honey Records
Split  THE PEAWEES / THE MANGES 2017 Striped Records/ Slowbeat Records (Italy)
Split THE PEAWEES / LISA & THE LIPS 2014 Ghost Highway/ Sailors Overdrive (Spain/Italy)
DIGGIN’ THE SOUND 2012 Bachelor Records (Austria)
MEMORIES ARE GONE 2011 Bad Man Records (Italy)
BLEEDING FOR YOU  2007 BAM! Magazine
TEENAGE MUTANT PUNK ROCK ZOMBIES 2000 Jellybrain /Irritation Records (UK)
PEAWEES/NORMA JEANS 2000 Potatoe Print (UK)
OCTOPUS 5 BANDS FROM LAS*PEZIA 1996 Self Produced (Italy)


Celebrating 20 YEARS OF STARDUMB RECORDS (2xLP) Stardumb Records (The Netherlands)
PUNK ROCK RADUNO Compilation (LP) Striped Music
STARDUMB RECORDS 50 (CD/LP) Stardumb Records (The Netherlands)
NHL RIVALS 2005: The hockey game for X-Box contains “By My Side” and ” Road to Rock’n’Roll”
TOO MUCH LIKE HARD WORK 2005 Indestructible Records (CD) (UK)
LOCALS COMPILATION 2004 Released by the Skaletta Rock Club (CD) (Italy)
PANGAEA Vol 1. 2002, Sterile Records (CD) (Canada)
5 ANNI SULLA STRADA 2001, Riot Records (CD) (Italy)
RAMONES TRIBUTE 2001, Metallic Ko magazine (CD) (Italy)
THE EUROPEAN POP PUNK VIRUS 2001 Stardumb Records (CD) (The Netherlands)
PANIC NOW! 1997 Panic Records (CD/LP) (Italy)
MUSIC FOR TRUCKERS 2001 Released by the Skaletta Rock Club (CD) (Italy)
KAOS COMPILATION 1998 Under The Volcano ‘Zine / New York (CD) USA
KAOS COMPILATION VOL.6 1999 Under The Volcano ‘Zine / New York (CD) USA
BLOW OUT WITH HISTORY 1998, Booze (LP) (Italy)